Hi, I'm Anna and I am living as an exchange student in Cordoba. Argentina.
I am living with a family and attending school here. I arrived July 18th and have been loving every minute of my stay here!
I can't belive that I have to leave so soon! I have been having the time of my life, trying new foods, going to new places, and experiencing a new life.
This blog as been set up for my family and friends so that they can see all the crazy adventures I have been having here

Monday, August 9, 2010

cow stomach.....

all day yesterday and last night there were alot of people in the house, family, i think for someones birthday. But for the meal there was a big pot of something, it smelled pretty good, but the taste.... The grandmother asks if i would like to try, and i say yes, because i love to try new foods. I believe it is best to ask what the food is after you eat it, as to not judge the food. So i tried it, barely could swallow it down, but i didnt want to be rude and spit it out. Come to find out, it is the insides of a cow. im not sure weather its stomach or bladder or what. But it was fatty and chewwy and ewwy.

So there is also a test in school tomorrow, not sure for what class, but oh well!

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  1. i'm so proud of you. I do hope you get to sleep soon. and i hope the test went well. We all love you!