Hi, I'm Anna and I am living as an exchange student in Cordoba. Argentina.
I am living with a family and attending school here. I arrived July 18th and have been loving every minute of my stay here!
I can't belive that I have to leave so soon! I have been having the time of my life, trying new foods, going to new places, and experiencing a new life.
This blog as been set up for my family and friends so that they can see all the crazy adventures I have been having here

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

closer and closer

Every day gets closer to the day that I have to leave, but also to the day that I go home. I don't know whether to be happy, sad, excited, nervous or any other emotion that might come up. It is going to be so hard to leave here. I have a family, friends, even a boyfriend. It's going to be so hard to just get up and leave. Yet I am also looking forward to returning. I have my graduation, get to see my family (including my grandparents), my friends, and even my own bed. To be honest I don't know what to think, I am all mixed up inside.

While I don't have much time left, I am trying to use it to the maximum. We are painting the "bandera" or flag. Each senior class makes a huge flag to hang in the classroom with everyones names on it. We are trying to get it done before I leave, but I don't think it will happen.

It is very very cold here. When I woke up it was 4 degrees Celsius. Don't forget that the buildings aren't heated here. I have a small heater in my room, but it doesnt heat the whole room, just the five feet in front of the heater. Today I wore the school gym pants, a tank top, a t shirt two sweatshirts, a jackets, a scarf and gloves, and it was still cold.

Summer is looking pretty good right now....

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