Hi, I'm Anna and I am living as an exchange student in Cordoba. Argentina.
I am living with a family and attending school here. I arrived July 18th and have been loving every minute of my stay here!
I can't belive that I have to leave so soon! I have been having the time of my life, trying new foods, going to new places, and experiencing a new life.
This blog as been set up for my family and friends so that they can see all the crazy adventures I have been having here

Friday, October 15, 2010

in search for shirts...

Today i went with three friends to centro to search for shirts for the dance competition. We walked to one store and the next trying to find matching black tank tops. Before we left school we collected 15 pesos from each girl to pay for the shirts. After fours hours of looking for these shirts we finally found a place that had 18 shirts. They were $20 instead of $15. So i pitched the extra 100, and will get paid back monday.

The exchange rate is 1 US dollar= a little less than 4 pesos.

In general food is alot cheaper here, but cloths are alot more expensive. The shirts were very cheap because they are simple black Lycra. But a shirt for going out, or anything brand names from the USA, like gap, nike, adidas, converse are very expensive here. It is ironic how some US brands are more popular here than in the US. Everyone here has a GAP sweatshirt, and converse.

But the dance competition is still on. For sure. Not this weekend, not next, but the week after, i think. One of my friends mom is making skirts for all the girls.

I will for sure post pictures after the competition!

Also today, i got to talk to my grandma. It was nice talking to her. Love you memere

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